Saturday, February 27, 2010


So sad we missed the pic of Isaac in his b-ball shorts, hiking boots, with his friends fur-lined coat taking Dad on in a snowball war. It was hilarious as Zoie and I watched warm from an upstairs window. From our bird's eye view, we saw Anna helping all the little girls while the big boys broke out in snowball war and the oblivious Clara bounced up and down like one little toddling snowball herself. Somehow in the midst of all the action a snowman - BIG ONE- was created, prelude to the 56 they built later on with uncle Calton! (Emily was also indoors and laying low today with what might be strep throat. oh boo. hope this doesn't mean a whole new round of sickness for the family! With the last 'bout, Mikela told her friends, "I won't be at school tomorrow, I'm gonna be sick" and sure enough she was home with the stomach flu right on schedule.) O, the other SUPER funny thing to watch from the window was Clara's sweet gazes and cuddling up to the little snowman (like she does to her cousin, Camden - only this one doesn't move so she could hug snowman as long as she wanted - she even put both her hands up on Snowman's cheeks and gazed lovingly into his face. So super funny to watch!- she is SO LOVING to babies AND snowmen! Happy Snow days to You - probably the last of them (except for our dear VT/NH friends! I saw buds on the little tree out our window today. We know you won't see those for another month or two yet. Hang in there!-as always!)

LOVE, C. and All

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