Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Double Digits Day for Kate!

Yes, it has been one whole decade since this precious person was born! Kate was an extraordinarily beautiful baby and she has grown into a beautiful double digits girl. One's heart can't help but get wrapped up and full of love for Kate! She is vivacious, without guile, genuine, happy, involved, and full of love for her friends and family! She loves to READ (the Guardians of Gahoon series right now), play with her puppy Missy, loves to run, to play period, to help, to know what's going on (and she keeps Mom updated with gentle little info sentences), play the piano and the cello, and sing with her sisters, her heart is true as true, loyal to family and friends and to her testimony of the Savior. We ADORE you Katey!!!! Love, Mom


Steph said...

Happy Birthday! 10 is a fun age! And it sounds like you started it off pretty great all ready!

Mom said...

Oh Kate! Amen to all the lovely things Mom said about you!! You are a most sincere, loving person and I can't believe you are already 10 years old. I remember taking you on walked all around the complex and down the highway in New Hampshire when Esther was born and talking and singing with you and teaching you "If you don't Walk Like Most People do". You're a sweetheart alright and I love you so much! Grandma C.