Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Show time!!!!

...turned into sick time as our family was voraciously struck by the 12 hr flu Thursday and Friday of performance weekend! The children performed Thursday night while mom & clara stayed home ill. The next morning the whole house was hit. As Mom went from room to room to rush children out the door she found moaning, groaning, suffering, sick children in every one. Kate and Mikela were the only ones healthy enough to head out the door with Mikela returning home from school soon for sick within a couple hours. Lots of praying and by afternoon Isaac, Emily, and Anna pulled themselves slowly from their sick situation enough to attend school so they could perform that night.

My parents had come into town to visit - a day early to play with us - but of course, we were all too ill! We put the house on quarantine and family visited through the windows as Mom & Dad dropped goodies on the front porch Friday - sick of not seeing us. He hee!

Very fun Mom and Dad and Kristi and Calt - thanks for the love notes all over the windows! My favorite: Share your talents and your money, but keep germs to yourself, Honey!

The show must go on! All 5 kids performed that night and we all showed up at the stake service project early the next morning (Mikela did stay home with Clara that morning for resting though). Here's to all our health!


Steph said...

What a sad day. I love that they made all those signs. I echo your favorite of the signs, CaMarie, that is funny! No fun to be sick.

Mom said...

Yeah, the best things are those that flow from our head right? That was a pretty fun time--sorry you guys were all sick, but it was fun trying to cheer you all on and showing our love and how we missed you! Camden, just still wasn't really convinced that was a good thing--he really felt we should go inside. :-) Love you guys!