Friday, April 8, 2011

Mikela hits NYC!!!!

I WISH I had the pics in NYC, but the transformed Mikela pic will have to suffice. Mikela had the time of her life (young a life as that may be)being picked up in a limo with three precious friends (Leland being the birthday girl!) and headed off to NYC, princess style ;). TOO MUCH FUN!!! AND TOO MUCH SHOPPING!!! Lelands parents and grandparents that were the careful guardians for the day could not believe how much the girls loved to shop. Older and wiser they finally INSISTED that they go to the Empire state building to say they saw something in NY besides stores! It ended up being a 'high'light for Mikela! SHE LOVED THE WHOLE DAY and still has not come down! Picture features Mikela with her new FAVORITE NYC bag, her happening sandals, and stylin' shirt, close up are earrings and some high-quality nail polish to go with the outfit! Too much fun Mikela!

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Heather said...

What the!? Mikela going to NYC!! Looking good! Lucky girl!