Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Suessical the Musical!

So much FUN! Oh, the things you can think...

when you think about the friends, family, and fun that come with five Hoffman kids performing with Loyalsock High!

A BIG, HUGE THANKYOU to those of you who came to see the show - the reward is in the sharing of course!

And the kids are really grateful for the 2 great, kind, inspiring directors they worked under and lots of fabulous friendships they developed in preparing for the show.

Especially fun for Isaac, Emily and Anna to have Mikela and Kate join them as Whos for the last few weeks of preparation.

Fun to see all the kids "grow wings' as they practiced, prepared, and grew through taking part in this musical.

Wow, so proud of the cast doing their very 'best'! The energy, amazing voices, good lighting and mics, vibrant costumes and overall talent really brought Dr. Suesses thinks to life!



Steph said...

Oh, so sad we don't live close enough to have gotten to see this fun musical. :( The costumes look so fun and how great to have five of the kids perform too! Wish we could've been there.

Stephanie said...

So much fun! I would love to see them perform! The last time I got to do that was a second grade Friday performance at Crossroads! Time goes by so quickly!

Mom said...

You guys were so great in the musical!Isaac was the greatest Mayor ever of Whoville and he had some great people in his town, Kate and Mikela, who loved living there. :-)
Anna and Emily, it was just so fun, and always is watching the two of you perform together and how much you love each other and what you are doing! You were such an example of the Gospel, with your modest, cute costumes and your happy smiling spirits! So grateful we could come and see all of you because I "Believe In You!" Love you all so much! Grandma C